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September, Changes by Ray Printer Friendly

As a child, I had a love/hate relationship with September. On the one hand, it meant that school started, and that made me hate it. On the other hand, it meant the arrival of autumn (pretty much my favorite, as far as seasons go), so I had to dig it some. These days, September is kind of just another month for me. School starts in August now, and because I live in Austin, there’s no such thing as fall—just a never-ending, shit-hot summer with a few cold days.

I still like September, though. It has always signified a change, and although I kind of fear change, I also look forward to it. Sure, we’re not talking about huge changes, but when I was growing up, I remember being so relieved that the weather was cooling, that the trees were coloring, that things were going to be different.

Like I mentioned, though, change is not always a wonderful thing. For instance, take this website. My posts are probably going to taper off a bit.

School’s a mean bitch this semester, and I’ll be lucky if I can keep my head above water as it is, so there’s a good chance that my Strangelands writing will suffer. I say that a lot, though, and I always seem to find a minute or two to run through and rant about my penis or my anger at humanity, so maybe things will continue like they have. Don’t count on it, though.

Other stuff going on this month: rik and I recorded some stuff recently that might eventually become our lame attempt at an audio medium around here. It’s a couple of hours, though, which means about six hours of editing for an end result of about twenty minutes of good listening. Again, that’s going to be one of those things that only happens when I have time for it. On the plus side of things, it looks like it will be a semester full of projects, so maybe there will be more pictures to look at around here. Too early to say for sure, though.

Oh, speaking of rik, she’s the one we have to thank for this month’s tagline. I can’t remember the entire story, but it seems like a teacher said the “good hard fun” thing to her at one point, and it made no sense at all. Makes a good tagline, though, yeah?

So that’s your news update for September. I’m really glad you’re all here, and I hope to see you throughout the month.

Take care, kids.

posted 9/01/08


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