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Two Heartbeats pt. 3 by Ray Printer Friendly

In short, what I had seen was the end of the world. Not as fun as you might imagine. I couldn’t decide if I should puke or just chew through my wrists. And, because I was a thirteen-year-old kid in the middle of hormonal flux, I was also upset that I had messed up my first feel of boob. There’s just something about the male sex drive that you have to admire—you can show a guy the end of creation as we know it, and he’s gonna be pissed that you messed up his chances with a girl.

I knew I would get another shot with, Sarah, though—and I didn’t need to rely on any stupid vision to tell me that. We were both young, and we were both bored. And horny, did I mention that? That’s quite a combination, even if you don’t throw in the fact that she lived two houses down from me.

We had quite a bit in common, too. Her father had run off, so had mine. Her mom worked at the factory, and so did mine. What this meant was, neither one of us had much parental supervision. It would have been the perfect summer, except for the fact that I got a bad case of being able to see into the future.

The crap I see, it’s really random. The crap I see, sometimes I don’t even see it—it’s just knowing something. The best analogy I could ever come up with is this: Say you’re looking at a door. Just a plain door, right? Nothing special about it. And you close your eyes. You know that door’s still right there, you know it’s still the same color as it was before you shut your eyes, and you know if you reach down, you’ll be able to touch the doorknob. That’s how it was sometimes—except I didn’t have to see the door first to know.

The waves of nausea had stopped flooding through me, so I climbed off of the bed and walked to the kitchen to get a drink. As I passed by the phone, I picked it up. It wasn’t ringing.


“Wow, I didn’t even hear it ring.” It was Sarah. “Hey, are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. You?”

“I’m good. It seemed like you got a little freaked out. Listen, I don’t want to rush into things if you aren’t ready.”

I busted out laughing. I was pretty much the exact opposite of not ready. “No, it’s cool. I just had a vision of the end of the world.”

“Oh, yeah? Were there clowns?” She was used to me saying wacky shit all the time. The weird sense of humor was another thing we had in common.

“A couple, but they were burning.”

“Hm,” Sarah said. “Well, I guess if there have to be clowns around, they might as well be on fire.”


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