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How To Post by Ray Printer Friendly

In the comment section of another post, someone asked about a FAQ section to answer questions about posting. I'll talk to Trey about the FAQ thing, but as he has a new kid, there's no telling when he's going to have a chance to work on Strangelands stuff.

Until then, if you want to post: click "login" at the top left of the page. Just under where it asks you for your username and password, you'll see a link that says register. Fill out that page (the name you give will be what shows up beside your posts, and you can change it later, if you want).

You should pretty much be in business by then, I think. Any time afterwords, just click login, type your username and password, and click your menu option--enter a new story, edit, whatever. When you go to enter a new story, use html for italics, bold, and stuff like that. Under the "submit" button is a "HINT" link that will explain a little bit about how to do that.

In the drop down menus, you'll select a subheading for your post.

2Heartbeats is a story we started a long time ago. Anyone can add on to this story in any manner in which they want. It's a long rambling story, and a little painful to read, honestly.

Poet's Corner is where poetry goes.

Police Blotter is a section where we intended to put police activity from our hometown newspaper, but never did. If you want to write about any police encounters, I guess this is where they'd go.

Portly Boy is our resident super hero, and although it's been awhile since his adventures have been updated, the section is still there, just in case. This is pretty much just mine. There was once talk of letting anyone write a Portly Boy Story, but I'm very protective. You can post in this section if you really want to, but I reserve the right to delete the hell out of it.

Quotes are First-Of-The-Month Quotes. I write down all the screwed up stuff people say around me (and sometimes the things I say), and then post it new each month. You can post your own, if you want, but it has to be at the first of the month, otherwise, shit just don't make no sense.

Short Stories are where stories go.

News is where posts like this one go. Or posts dealing with world news or whatever. You know--news.

Rants is pretty much everything else. Something pisses you off? Something make you laugh? Whatever you want, you can write about it.

The Rent is where you can bitch about your job. We used to do a lot more of this back in the day.

Whiskey Pages is like The Rants, but with booze. This can be whatever you feel like writing about when you're drunk. It doesn't have to make sense...but really, nothing on here does.

White Men Can't Dance was intended to be a section where we talked about going out on the town in NYC. We soon realized we didn't want those activities recorded. This is where you can write about dance clubs, parties, or sitting at home by yourself, playing Guitar Hero.

So I hope that helps a little. I'd write more, but I'm already late for school.

posted 7/28/08


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