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Why I Haven't Been Posting by Ray Printer Friendly

So you may have noticed a lack of posts around here the last few days. There are a few reasons for this, but the main one is that I haven’t had anything to say. I know that doesn’t usually stop me, but this lack of anything to say has rendered my words humorless, pointless, and useless.

That’s the main reason—nothing to say and no way to make it funny.

The second reason is because I was hoping someone else would step up to the plate and write something. Look, I know that The Strangelands is pretty much my bed to sleep in—usually alone—but that doesn’t mean it isn’t nice to share it once in a while. Other times, it’s just nice to sleep somewhere else. Or not at all.

It doesn’t happen often, but there are times that someone will get bored waiting around for me to write something and take matters into their own hands. I was kind of expecting it, but I don’t know why.

Summer’s a weird time for readership, and this one has been exceptionally strange. Our readership has pretty much tripled, but most of our regular commenters are doing things like going on vacation or having babies. Yet another reason I detest children—they steal my thunder. Karen’s probably off somewhere drinking alone. I’m pretty sure Lauren either picked up a boatload of sailors or is in jail somewhere for killing someone in a barfight. Diane…shit, I don’t know. I might be mistaken, but I think a couple of her kids had birthdays this month (Happy birthday, kids! Thanks for stealing my audience!). Trey and Carrie are wasting their lives with procreation. Dave Riley’s somewhere on the dark side of the moon, and Jesse…well, Jesse just goes away sometimes. Who else? Leslie—went on vacation, and has been fooling around with raising her family and sorting through vacation photos ever since. Rik is just as worthless as a worthless bastard can be. Half the time, her computer doesn’t work, and when it does, she’s looking at Harry Potter porn.

And I think that might be all of our regulars.

Back on topic: Why I haven’t been writing.

The truth is, I have been writing, but most of it sucks, and writing shitty depresses me like a fat kid out of candy. Aside from shit, I’ve been working on a couple of stories, and they’ll either end up being novels or novellas, which means they’ll either never get finished or never get properly edited—basically, it means they’ll more than likely never see the light of day.

Also, I’ve staggered back out into the job market. This would please me much more if it was something in my desired field, but you take what you can get, and what I can get is probably not going to be terribly wonderful. I know that’s probably not the right attitude to have when whoring yourself out to corporate America, but I don’t really care at the moment.

I find myself not caring about a lot of stuff lately, and it concerns me. Not because I’m a caring person, but because I’m an angry, caustic, belligerent person. I almost got crashed into today. Driving down the highway, right beside this prick in a BMW, and he came into my lane. I honked and braked and swerved, and he lowered his phone enough to turn on his blinker as he continued over into my lane. I should have been furious, or at least a little frightened. Instead, I called him a few dull names and went on my way.

It’s disgusting.

So that’s about it—why I haven’t been posting anything. Hopefully something will change, or hopefully I’ll change, and I’ll be writing like a maniac once again.

Holding my breath seems like a bad idea at this point, though.

posted 7/27/08

Entered By Karen From Indiana
2008-07-28 01:41:37

I work in corporate America, which explains why I drink alone. The county fair is held a block from my house, and try as I could to avoid it, I did wind up going this week. If you ever want to punish me, send me to a fair. Not only are there a lot of people, there are a lot of disturbing people. I saw a woman with a black eye (she was with her boyfriend, so I decided she'd gotten it from a bar fight with another woman. I don't know why, but it seemed to make the most sense.) I saw a teenager with her baby on her hip. I saw a little kid SCREAMING to get off the ride his parents had put him on. Lovely. Another corn dog, anyone? Okay, why I got off on that tangent, I don't know. I guess because I haven't talked to anyone - drinking alone and all. Maybe you don't care as much because you're getting old. Older, I mean. hehe.

Entered By Anonymous From Unknown
2008-07-28 04:56:54

Hey Ray, just a thought...but what about an FAQ or something on the homepage so new folks know that they can sign up and post too?

Entered By Lauren From NH
2008-07-28 12:17:13

YES! I've been meaning to ask that but usually the wine/beer/goose makes me forget. I got a lot of bitchin' to do about all the stupid ass people I come across in this supposed to be a small town part of the world and I could take up a lot more space than this comment section but I didn't know how to post. Oh and btw...thanks for the compliment above. I may just have to hit the bar at lunch. Sales calls are so much funner with the adrenaline of having just kicked ass runnin' through ya!

Entered By Jesse From Austin
2008-07-28 22:27:47

That is a harsh, but accurate description. Often times in the recent past, the moment I've sat down to write I've lost the will completely. Actually, it seems to shut down almost my whole being, not just the desire to write. It sucks. And months of that has dissuaded me from even trying. But I want to. Really I do.

Entered By Jesse From Austin
2008-07-29 02:57:30

And actually, I was waiting for the new month, but now you've called me out...

Entered By Ray From Austin
2008-07-29 03:13:56

I didn't mean to be harsh. It's just that sometimes you vanish, not to be heard from again until months later. Be honest--do you have another web site? You writing for some floozy site out there, coming back here smelling like cheap perfume and dick jokes?

Entered By Jesse From Austin
2008-07-29 03:19:19

So some perfume and a dick walk into a bar...

Entered By Lauren From NH
2008-07-29 16:31:43

I'm with Jesse on the fact that as soon as you sit down to say something, the words get sucked off into a vortex somewhere and you're brain's like "What was I gonna say?" I think of so many funny or disgusting things to go write about and then I get home, open the laptop, click on the jouranl and WTF it's all gone! Too many distractions and if I go lock myself away in the office to write then I'm the bad mommy for disappearing in the evening. I do most of my journaling at 5am. BTW...a section that might be some fun would be a Dreams section. I got some wierd ass shit goes through my head at night and I can only imagine what goes through Ray's. We could go post whatever dream we happened to have and then comment on each others, try to disect and analyse 'em, see what the true meaning back there may be. That could be fun.

Entered By Ray From Austin
2008-08-01 04:08:11

Lauren, you can already write about your dreams. Just post it under rants. No way am I pushing for an entire section, because then I'd feel obligated to write about my dreams more, and that shit'd land my ass in the slammer or the nuthouse.

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