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Happy Fourth Of July by Ray Printer Friendly

Happy Fourth of July, Strangelanders. I hope youíre all out getting drunk and catching things on fire right now, as you should be. I got an email about a kegger, and although the sender was a little vague about the time, Iím hoping that thatís going on this very moment.

Iím little bitter about the entire thing this year, because I usually go home to see my friends and family in my hometown. I play with my nephews during the day and go out with friends to blow stuff up and drink at night. I run around taking pictures of things that I donít need pictures of. Mostly, I hang out and relax and have a great time.

Because of summer school, I donít get to go anywhere this year. It takes over nine hours to make the drive to my hometown, and if you only have a few days off, there isnít really much point in going, considering that you spend most of the time in the car.

Itís a moot point anyway, as most of my family went somewhere else this year. As far as I know, my mother planned this get-together last November, when she was visiting us for Thanksgiving. She got excited thinking about how all the family should meet this summer, and I explained to her that I didnít want to go anywhere else, that I liked going home for the Fourth, and that if everyone else went somewhere else, Iíd probably stay in Austin.

See, we donít get to leave town much, so I have to make my visits count. The great thing about going to my hometown is that usually my dad will come visit at the same time as me, so I get to see pretty much everybody all at the same time. If I can get a few of my friends to go visit at the same time, itís even better.

My mom isnít one for giving a shit about other peopleís opinions, though. I could try to think up a nice way to say that, I supposeómaybe something like ďheadstrong,Ē or ďdetermined.Ē But really, she just doesnít give a shit. She gets an idea in her head, and she goes with it. If you donít like it, you should probably just get the hell out of the way.

So while I protested meeting somewhere else for the Fourth of July, she used my cell phone to call several relatives, and arranged for everyone to meet somewhere other than my hometown.

I never planned on going, but now that I have school, Iím for sure not going anywhere. And Iím not too happy about it.

Fourth of July is a time for fun and friends and getting together over plastic cups full of alcohol. Itís not for sitting around, cleaning up the apartment. Dammit.

Anyway, here are some pictures I took last time I went to see friends and family. Theyíre from my phone, so they suck. A couple of them are still kind of cool, though.

This was one of the first train depots we stopped at. Why is it that towns with train stations are so shitty?

I saw this one as I was listening to the song ďCross Road BluesĒ by Robert Johnson. I kept missing cool pictures, so I had both my camera and my phone on, just in case. The picture from my camera didnít turn out, but the one from my phone did a little.

Um, a Dr. Pepper truck. I donít know why I took a picture of it. It was on the road beside me for a really long time, so finally I just took the picture. Then he sped up and left us behind.

This is the book I write in when I donít have a computer handy. It looks kind of like a Bible, and Iím not sure how I feel about that. But the pages are really thin, and thereís a ton of them, so I donít feel bad about writing whatever weird crap I want to in there, no matter how mundane.

We stopped at one place, and this girl tried to get on. She had a pillowcase full of crap, and that was her only luggage, and she looked to be about fourteen. The train guy was a little nervous about letting her on, I think. The girl with the duffel bag walked up just as I was taking the picture. I donít know if she allayed the guyís fears or added to them. They all three walked off out of my view, so I donít know if the girls were ever allowed on the train. I like to think they were running away from an abusive home life, and they got to Chicago and became really popular backup singers for a blues band.

Itís good to be home.

I took this picture because everywhere I went, there were bullets on the table. This isnít my momís house, but she had a box of shells on her kitchen table, too. Itís a little bizarre to be sitting there pouring yourself a glass of whiskey and trying not to bump into bullets.

Bisquick box. I donít know why.

I spent the night at Treyís on my way back home, and we started a fire. Thatís one of the best parts of visiting him, is that you know youíll be burning everything you can find by the end of the night.

Sunset from the train home. I was supposed to get back really early, but the train kept stopping, and it ended taking something like six hours to get from Ft. Worth to Austin.

I donít know when I took this one, exactly, but it was around the same time as I took all the other pictures. Thatís the calendar I write First-Of-The-Month Quotes on, in case you ever wondered where the magic happened.

posted 7/04/08


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