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Something is Rotten in Fort Worth by Carey Printer Friendly

The following is the highly anticipated (or not) post I began writing the other day and then got timed out on and did not finish. I decided to repost it after reading Rayís drunken whiskey rant regarding it. Made me feel like I should take one for the team if he was going to jump out on a drunken limb like that.

Fort Worth garbage collectors SUCK! I never really appreciated what a great job the men (and maybe women although I never saw any) in green jumpsuits in NYC did until I moved away. They would haul away everything and anything as long as you were willing to leave it out on the curb to be picked up in the wee hours of the morning. That statement is not an exaggeration either, it is totally founded in numerous eyewitness accounts . I once witnessed them throwing a six piece sectional sofa type item, an armoire, and about 20 trash bags into their truck all at one time. They also did not have these fancy trucks with the side-arm that picked up the cans and did the actual dumping of contents. No sir, these guys were up to their bulging biceps in trash and various waste products ensuring that all the trash hit itís mark and leaving the curb free of clutter.

Fort Worth garbage collectors drive around in trucks with fancy side arms that grab your bucket and flip it Ďs contents into it. Novel idea if it actually worked properly. What really happens most of the time is your bucket goes on a tilt-a-whirl type ride and ends up being half emptied with the other half either falling back into the bucket (if youíre lucky) or being strewn across your sidewalk and lawn. I have experienced both of these scenarios. What burns my britches is that they donít even bother to get out of the truck to pick up the crap they have spewed all over the place when it is in plain view.

Last week I finally went ballistic and ran out of the house trying to chase the truck down while shouting obscenities and flinging rude hand gestures in the air. My neighbors have either chalked up this behavior to too many hormones and my pregnancy or are fearfully regretting allowing a psychopath to move into the neighborhood. I decided enough was enough and I would write a nasty letter to the city outing their incompetent workers. Of course like everything else I start these days I did not get around to finishing it and the letter was never sent. But, to my shock and amazement I received a threatening letter from the city the following week notifying me of my excess garbage complaint made by their employers and the options I had to rectify the situation. I could either buy extra bags to put out alongside my regular collection can, or upsize my bucket to accommodate my excess.

Hey Fort Worth, how about hiring people who will do their job and actually pick all the garbage you leave out instead?

Entered By Lauren From NH
2008-06-24 23:04:26

It's the same thing here. Those stupid ass trucks have to go. Bulging bicepts must rule over fat guys who don't give a shit just driving off leaving your litter scattered and your bucket tipped over and half in the street for everyone to swerve around on their way home. Yes. You have a legitimate bitch.

Entered By Diane From NH
2008-06-25 02:37:49

Effin' RIGHT sistahs. Frickin stupid town selectmen or city councilmen....you know darn well somebody got a big fat payoff for writing up THAT contract. "ooooh,,, yessss....this will be a wuuuunderful plan...encourage recycling, even." Lying sacks of rancid hamburg. They probably truck all our recycling right to the same damn landfill as the automatic garbage picker-uppers and throw it right on top.

Entered By Ray From Austin
2008-06-25 12:26:27

When I was a trash man, I was really glad we had the trucks (of course, we used dumpsters, so doing it by hand was impossible). If we spilled trash, though, we got out and picked it up. I think it's like anything else--it doesn't matter about the equipment, there's always going to be some lazy dumbass to ruin things. I'm sure you'll have plenty of extra time to write that nasty letter once you get that baby out'cha--from what I understand, one of the major perks of parenting is getting all kinds of free time.

Entered By Carey From TX
2008-06-25 14:13:04

Ray I thing hunkering down on my front lawn during trash pick-up time with a firearm might be more effective these days ;) God, I can't believe I am sinking into this mindset so easily and quickly since leaving NYC.

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