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Hate and Love..A Fine Line by Carey Printer Friendly

After noting that my pup made it to the list of things Mr. Weeks hates I had no choice but to post a rebuttal.

Truth be told I really have a difficult time with the word hate. Although people use it in a negative light the passion and energy needed to muster it up really, when looked at closely, has an uncanny resemblance to Love. I know some people will find this association extremely hard to believe (a certain Austin dude in particular) but take a moment and let it sink in.

My theory is that if you spend all your time and energy hating something or someone, deep down you must be getting some kind of reward or pleasure for doing it.

Case in point, the ex-loves of the world. Have you ever noticed that immediately after you break up with someone much of your time is spent with spiteful hateful thoughts surrounding that person? Your day seems to be consumed with how many crank calls you can make to them without them finding out it was you, or fantasizing what sort of evil and horrible fates will deservedly come their way.

Or maybe you're the type that will go to the extreme and carry out some of these vindictive plans without a hint of remorse or guilt. Either way, the energy and passion entailed in such elaborate schemes hint that this person is still very much on your mind and you still care (as odd as that seems). You know you've truly let them go when you can think of that person without the urge to vomit or curse their wretched souls.

Since Hate so closely resembles love in this manner wouldn't it be better to just accept it as another form of endearment?

Perhaps I could be convinced to use the term Dislike instead.

Dislike Week is kind of catchy isn't it?


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