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I'll Take Months That Rhyme With Badasses for 200, Alex by Ray Printer Friendly


Welcome to May, everybody! The month that was supposed to be named after me, but then there was a clerical error, so now itís named after Spider-Manís aunt. Due to my clever invention of a time machine, Iíve been here for a while. So the table has been set, the drinks have been poured, and the dead hookers have already been stashed in the closet.

Nah, Iím kiddingóI donít have a time machine. I just always have food, drink, and stashed dead hookers. But come on in, anyway.

So the good news about this month is that my school semester ends in about eight days. I plan to spend day nine drunk, erasing everything that has gotten stuck in my brain since January. I also plan on writing all that day, so either Iíll end up with something good to put up here, or itíll end up looking like cats were mating on my keyboard, and there will be nothing even resembling readable content.

The bad news is, Iím taking summer classes, so Iíll soon be back at it, whining about classes and taking life way too serious.

Heaven help you if youíre looking to The Strangelands for guidance, but just in case, here are dates to remember for this month:

Today is Holocaust Remembrance day. I donít know what all that entails, and wouldnít have even known about it if it wasnít written on my calendar.

Saturday, May 3 is free comic book day. Yes, I know exactly what that entails, and I know about because I wrote it on my calendar as soon as I got it. In case you donít know, this is the day where you go to your local comic book shops and they have free comics to give you. Theyíre promotional comics for the most part, so a lot of them suck, but most of the shops will often have all kinds of bargain bins and sales and stuff like that, too, so if youíve been thinking about getting into the comic book game, thatís the time to do it. Or if you just like free stuff.

Sunday, May 11 is Motherís Day. This is when I buy my princess stuff in thanks for not having any children. Oh, and I guess you also can buy your moms stuff for giving birth to you or whatever. Interesting trivia: In the U.S. and Canada, we celebrate Motherís Day on Sunday. In Mexico, itís celebrated on the Saturday just before that.

The 17th is Armed Forces day, or as we like to call it around here, Armed Elvis day. Armed Elvis day is where you dress up like the king and hand out firearms to little children everywhere.

The 26th is Memorial day. Thatís a day for thinking about the old days and eating hot dogs.

And that concludes our public events announcement.

As far as stuff around the site: Iíve got a pretty big idea for a story, and Iím hoping to get it finished in a week or so, but weíll see. Itís one of those ideas that might be really cool, or might just fizzle out into nothing.

Iíll also be spending a bit more time on Photoshop, so maybe Iíll have some nifty pictures to display.

Someone last month mentioned in the comments that I should have had rik read a story I posted, and I think thatís a pretty good idea. Since her lazy ass hardly ever writes anything around here, I might strong-arm her into reading something, so maybe weíll even have a little more audio stuff.

So if reading my long-winded rants isnít your thing, maybe Iíll have some pictures. And if looking at pictures isnít your thing, maybe weíll have something for you to listen to. And if none of that is your thing, maybe you just need to go watch some TVówe donít want your kind around here, anyway.

For all the people that do like those kind of things, welcome to May. Iím glad youíre here.

posted 5/01/08


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