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School Project: Movie Poster by Ray Printer Friendly


We had to bring in ideas for our final Photoshop project, which is a mock movie poster. Same routine as always: get some pictures and then draw little thumbnails that show what it’s going to look like. The problem with that is that I draw for shit.

Because I wanted to convey my ideas in the correct manner, I went ahead and Photoshopped some quick and dirty pictures to show my instructor. Oddly, he wouldn’t even look at them— something about how he didn’t want me to get to attached to one idea, and once people start Photoshopping, they become anchored to a specific look.

I don’t think it applies to me, but I see how he could come up with this theory. Someone puts in a lot of work, they want to be able to use what they’ve already come up with. I don’t really care (although I admit that I occasionally get irked when you ruin my joke). I actually enjoy making things with Photoshop, so if I end up with a completely different look, it’s fine, as long as it doesn’t look like shit.

Point being, I ended up with a handful of pictures that he wouldn’t even look at. I showed them to the class, though, and they seemed to appreciate them some. And honestly, I really only went through all the trouble so that I could show them to you guys. So here they are:

And here’s the one the class picked:

Although I changed the title, I actually had this story in mind when I made the poster. To make it, I used a picture of myself, and messed with the Threshold tool until I had a stencil-looking image. Then I printed it, cut it out, spray-painted it, and scanned it. A quick invert, and ta-daa! The chick presented a small problem.

See, the story’s about this guy who doesn’t give a shit about anything, so I felt it would send the wrong message if I put my princess in as the female. On the other hand, the guy bangs the hell out of this girl, so I didn’t feel comfortable using a picture of a family member or anything like that (although I must admit that I considered using a picture of one of my past step-mothers, just to push that line of degeneracy a bit further).

In the end, I found a picture I had from a school trip. The girl wasn’t even one of my friends really—I had brought a disposable camera with me, and just passed it around on the bus, letting people take pictures. She ended up on there, and since she’s basically a stranger, and since I have no idea where she is now, I figured it was safe.

Honestly, it probably didn’t even matter that much, but I didn’t ever want to have to face the repercussions if it had turned into a big deal. “So you have a picture of yourself as the main character, who runs around having freaky sex with this girl, and you have my sister as the girl?”

See how that could pose a problem?


So those are my movie posters. I now have to come up with four different ways of putting the “Surrender Self” one together, and I’m curious as to what the end product will look like.

Oh, and because I’m all about my readers, here’s another version of the business man one, just for Karen:

I think she got off pretty easy, considering what she wrote in the comment section of this post: “Next thing I know you'll be Photoshopping a vagina businessman showing off his donkey punching abilities and suggesting that'd be just the thing for me.”

You have no idea how much willpower it took to resist.

posted 4/19/08

Entered By Karen From Indiana
2008-04-20 03:58:40

Ha ha. I have been away for the most part - stupid work and home, keeping me away from The Strangelands! Only to come upon this. The one the class picked is good, Photoshopically speaking (is that a cool made up word or what?), but I liked the "Last Call" one, myself. The tag line is hilarious. "When The Business Man's in town, they all get off pretty easy." Ha. Thanks for the bonus movie poster.

Entered By Ray From Austin
2008-04-21 02:39:08

"Stupid work and home, keeping me away from The Strangelands!" That is awesome. Oh, and how you took my own words and made them sound all dirty? Nice work.

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