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Mid-Morning Observation by Ray Printer Friendly


Sometimes I feel like I can judge my mental health by what coffee I'm drinking at the time. There was a point in my life when I was drinking coffee from fresh-roasted, newly-ground beans. There was a time when it was McDonalds coffee every morning. Eight 'O Clock Coffee, Folgers, Dunkin' Donuts, Starbucks, Peet's. Whatever.

This morning, I find myself sipping a cup of room temperature instant coffee. A voice in the back of my mind whispers, You are not in a good way. And I have to agree.

posted 4/11/08

Entered By Diane From NH
2008-04-14 11:37:09

I can recall a time when re-using the grounds and adding a scoop or two of fresh was part of our budget, and powdered coffee whitener was our 'cream'. Better coffee times are to come, have faith. You'll be back to grinding fresh sumatran in no time.

Entered By Ray From Austin
2008-04-14 12:31:21

I don't really use it as a financial yardstick; it's more of a mental health meter.

Entered By rik From Unknown
2008-04-14 17:21:01

This is, I think, the most disturbing thing I've ever read of yours.

Entered By Diane From NH
2008-04-14 23:21:13

If your coffee is a mental health measurement and you're on instant, someone should warn your Princess to start sleeping with a .25 under her pillow. Cuz that's some scary shit.

Entered By Ray From Austin
2008-04-14 23:36:31

Remember that show "Night Court?" There was that old crazy guy who eventually turned out to Harry's dad? His name was Buddy. Anyway, his main catch phrase thing was that after he told people he was crazy, he would always follow it with, "But I'm feeling much better now." Yeah. I cleaned out the coffee pot, went to the store, and I'm back in business. In fact, I even walked up to Starbucks this morning to do my homework. Incidentally, they switched to a new kind of coffee, I think in response to everyone giving them shit for burning their beans. It tastes more burned than ever before.

Entered By rik From Unknown
2008-04-15 12:48:28

Speaking of coffee (and I'm quite glad we are) I went out of town this past weekend and ended up in a bookstore that sold Joe Muggs coffee. My favorite drink in the world is a vanilla mocha from Starbucks. I've had other mocha's from other stores and they're never the same. Anyway, Joe Muggs had this mocha called something like Intensely Dark Magic Mocha (that wasn't the exact name, but that's the point of the name). I tried it, and it was pretty damn good. Just thought I would throw that out there for you because you probably have much more access to Joe Muggs than I normally do.

Entered By Ray From Austin
2008-04-15 14:20:32

It doesn't look like there are any stores close to me. Probably for the best--our tastes in coffee differ greatly. I like my coffee to taste like coffee, you like yours to taste like Care Bear vomit, all sugary and nasty and shit.

Entered By Ray From Austin
2008-04-15 14:21:58

On an unrelated note, when I went to post that last comment, the verification words were: "your Climax." Outstanding.

Entered By rik From Unknown
2008-04-16 12:38:16

Well, while we're still on the subject of coffee (this is me completely ignoring the last comment), I have to say that Burger King makes a pretty tasty cup of coffee which I drink without sugar or cream or Care Bare vomit, thank you very much. Well, except for this morning I have some Care Bare vomit in it, but it's only because I've never tried it with Burger King coffee before. I think I overdid the vomit bit a little bit.

Entered By Ray From Austin
2008-04-16 22:39:16

Burger King recently got voted as the worst coffee in fast food chains, after Starbucks, McDonalds, Dunkin' Donuts, etc. Last time I got coffee there, it tasted like sewage filtered through dirty socks. You, rik, are a failure at coffee. You could save yourself all kinds of cash by just licking a trashcan.

Entered By rik From Unknown
2008-04-17 13:33:07

What are you saying? Starbucks has the worst coffee? I think you should be very careful with your answer here.

Entered By Ray From Austin
2008-04-17 14:06:04

Nope. I'm saying Burger King has the worst coffee. You are a failure at reading, too.

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