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Someone Read Portly Boy! by Ray Printer Friendly


I was messing around with my Lulu storefront today, and discovered that someone had reviewed Portly Boy. An actual, I-read-the-book, well-thought-out review. I was amazed, and followed the reviewerís link to a page called None May Say.

The guy reads POD (publish on demand) books and then writes reviews about them on his blog. Somehow, he found The Adventures of Portly Boy. Iím not sure how, as I donít know him (I don't know if anyone I know knows him). You can read his review here.

Iím a huge fan of blogs like this, even when they arenít discussing my writing. At one point, I had even considered writing a post or two a month discussing the POD books I had purchased. Two things held me up:

1) I suck at writing reviews of any worth. Iím more the type of guy that goes, ďI liked it! You should, too!Ē

2) I ran out of money. I really like buying POD books, because it not only helps out the author financially, but itís also a huge boost for the ego. But theyíre kind of expensive compared to used book stores, and thereís always a chance that youíll end up dishing out your dough on a bit of crap.

So when I come across a site that gives detailed reviews and recommendations, Iím thrilled. I especially like when they have a sidebar full of links to other websites that do the same thing.

Add into the equation that the guy not only read my book, and not only posted a review on Lulu (and gave me 5 out of 6 stars!), but also on his own site, and wellÖletís just say that heís a lot cooler than rat bastard friends like Trey and rik who havenít ever even finished the damn thing. Although, they both purchased it, so maybe they arenít total rat bastards. But they didnít buy my new one, so yeah they are.

Anyway, if you have a little time, you should read the review, look around the guyís site, and if youíve been wanting to buy some new books, maybe take a suggestion or two. But not before you buy my books. Seriously, guys, I have two, and you need them both in your collection. Donít make me beg. Because I willówe all know Iím not too good to beg. Or let you putÖthingsÖinto my body.

My tears taste like shame.

posted 4/10/08

Entered By Karen From Indiana
2008-04-10 14:41:26

That was a great review - not only because it was complimentary, but yeah, it was thoughtful and descriptive (I'm like you, "Hey, no really, this is good." is about all I'm capable of where reviews are concerned.)

Entered By rik From Unknown
2008-04-10 17:04:33

OK, I can't speak for Trey, but in my defense--I didn't buy the book to read for myself. I bought it as a Christmas gift for someone who was extremely unappreciative of both the writing of it as well as the giving of it. I learned the following Christmas that Godiva chocolates apparently make a better gift than Portly Boy.

Entered By Ray From Austin
2008-04-10 19:44:02

rik, almost everything about the above statement is what makes you a rat bastard friend. You should have bought the book for yourself as well as for others. You should have read not only your copy, but all the copies you were going to give as gifts. And NOTHING makes a better Christmas gift than Portly Boy.

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