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A Prologue by rik Printer Friendly

What is a god?

A god is a creator, birthing life and magic from everywhere and nowhere. The reason a newborn baby first laughs. The colors that appear first, paving the path for Easter. The nightmare that overtakes a dream, sealing eyes with tears to prevent escape.

A god is a destroyer, capturing what may or may not be hers to have. The names in which wars are fought and lives are surrendered. The natural disasters and the enemy attacks and the unnatural disasters that are rarely spoken of.

A god is a provider, giving diseases and necessities and luxuries and parasites. Offering a reason for worship and a reason to follow. Bestowing seasons and crops and prosperity and success—but not without a price.

A god is a taker, invading human life incessantly searching for insurance of immortality. Demanding homage from those with breath, with flesh, with life, whether they believe in him or not. Seizing morsels of thoughts that might contain even a fragment of hallowed fabric.

A god is a thief, claiming ownership of all things both human and real. Entering silently when everybody is looking but nobody is watching. Pocketing coins and dreams and cash and memories and jewelry and lives of small children, unwilling to distinguish differences among the plunder.

A god is a beggar, needing sacrifices of blood, time, flesh, thoughts. Scouring the lands for donations of loose change made up of acceptance and remembrance—even if only a penny's worth. Bracing against the cold winds of neglectful memory that threaten to extinguish existence.

A god is an entertainer, dancing and dodging and dousing disciples in vibrantly colored lights. Streaming nets through virtual rivers in imitation worlds. Sending troubling messages and peaking unsettling words through familiar and trusted voids.

A god is a truth, existing beyond what can be seen. Changing with each new situation or circumstance or perception. Clinging to hopes and dreams and fears and needs and desires and wishes bigger than those of humans, but no different.

A god is a certainty, assuring nothing and no one can be trusted. A bond among liars when making a pact. An unseen staging area necessary to create the show in which we all play a part.

A god is an imposter, forcing humans to turn and look and wonder and marvel only to their own detriment. A mythical bird appearing to be a thunderstorm or a goblin appearing to be an elderly small-town businessman. A magic trick appearing to be a shadow.

Perhaps a more relevant question would be: what isn't a god?

Entered By Jesse From Austin, TX
2008-03-31 04:18:32

This is a beginning? I'll look forward to seeing where it goes.

Entered By rik From Unknown
2008-04-01 01:13:55

Actually, this was the result of an assignment for a class. I wrote a possible prologue for "American Gods" by Neil Gaiman and this is how it turned out. The book, obviously, is much better and I would recommend it to anyone who likes a fucking good story.

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