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Puppy Love by Carey Printer Friendly

Well here we are, five days into a new year and I haven't had the opportunity to write 2005 on anything. I almost feel like I am in a 2004 time warp. It doesn't become true to me till I have written it down (and typing it out here does not count).

The one thing I am very aware of at the present moment and it has consumed my time and attention since Christmas is my new bundle of joy. Now before any of you faithful readers are put into a tailspin I will clarify the above statement with the noun Puppy.

Yes, it's true I have stepped up the pet food chain and am a proud owner of a three month old Papillon puppy.

For all those cat lovers out there shaking your heads and feeling betrayed I assure you I haven't completely crosssed over to the other side. In fact, I gave much consideration to getting another cat after Dylan A/K/A Mr. Goose passed on this past July. Unfortunately, Mr. Goose was the epitome of cool cats and I did not feel like I would ever again own a cat who could meet his level of superiority. Sure he was a tad overweight, could never manage to wash any part of his body except his face and front paws because of his girth, was addicted to my second hand clove cigarette smoke and never passed up a butt scratch or any other sign of affection from his human companions, but he was COOL and had a certain I AM the Cat sort of attitude. So what could I do?

The only logical step was to change species and hope for the best.

Zoey is a 2.7 pound three month papillon with a sweet disposition and an eagerness to please. I am currently in the process of litter box training her and trying to keep my possessions from being chewed on, swallowed or just free of puppy slobber. And yes, you read correctly I wrote litter box training. For all you nay sayers out there I have 3 words for you: NO PETS ALLOWED.

Of course I am breaking every rule in my tenant agreement but I try not to sweat the small stuff :)

Besides, if I get kicked out of my apartment it may be the shove I need to get out of Dodge and head to more civilized cities where the living is easier.

Perhaps Austin will be the next step on this life-long journey of mine.

I was witness to the step up in lifestyle experienced by our main man Mr. Weeks after his departure from the Big Apple to Texas.

Ahhhh, but all that is too much to ponder on right now. Hell, I'm still fixated on finding something to write the date on.

Happy New Year dear readers and thank you for your patronage!


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