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Okay, so I finally managed to get a story finished. Itís damn long, though, so Iím going to wait until next month to post it. I know, itís kind of a dick thing to do, but I donít like posting good stuff this late in the month.

So instead of a story, I made this:

Hopefully itíll entertain you for a bit. Maybe tomorrow Iíll have something else to show you, as itís project day in Digital Imaging, but I canít promise anything because my computer has been acting wonky as fuck lately. I got some sort of hardcore virus thatís kicking my ass, so even looking at my computer has been pissing me off lately.

In fact, it has taken me ten freaking minutes to login in just to enter this post. Anyway.

UPDATE: That last image isn't me. There was supposed to be more, but it got cut off. Frankly, though, this ending is much more hilarious than the one I originally intended.

UPDATE #2: Here's the entire version..

posted 3/27/08

Entered By Home town girl From Unknown
2008-04-07 19:30:50

I needed that. I laughed so hard I just about pissed my pants.

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