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Something Smells Funny by Ray Printer Friendly

Back in the old days, I probably would have just tacked this down in the comment section like I did here. When Trey fixed all that crap with spambots taking over our pages, he unfortunately had to sacrifice the ability to link to things in the comments. In my mind, it was well worth the trade.

Anyway, Lauren made a pretty hilarious comment the other day, and because I was sick of doing responsible stuff on my computer, I decided to do little Photoshopping:

If I was a more dedicated photo editor, I would have taken the time to make it look a little more realistic. But honestly, Im not really that good with Photoshop. Plus, Id still be working on it right now instead of showing it to you.

So, yeah. Good stuff, Lauren, you funny bastard.

posted 3/14/08

Entered By Lauren From NH
2008-03-14 12:20:44

That is SO freakin' funny! I had visions of what that jar would look like too. I had it pictured pink, but the image being the unfolding of a delicate pink...um...flower. Ya. Flower.

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