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Whispers Under The Stars by Ray Printer Friendly

We drop the wrong habits;

We learn to leave the things that donít make us money,

That donít get us ahead in life.

Itís time to forget the rules; live your life like it was something you paid for. If you go to an all-you-can-eat salad bar, are you satisfied with one plate? Living is so much tastier. Ask the man with guns why he has them, stop at the giant plastic dolphin; race the sun as it tries to set, laughing and listening to music that you will remember until the day you die.

There is something oddly tempting about a stagnant lifeódonít give in. The safety is avoidance of the apple in the Garden of Eden: security, conformity, but the same, over and over and over again. The right decisions arenít always the right decisions, but theyíre always the right decisions.

Weíll weep, my friend, for the wasted time. For the moments we watched pass, for the chances we were too frightened to take, for the drinks we refused to swallow. We bring sorrow upon ourselves because we leap before we look, because we act without thinking; but itís a cleaner sorrow than that of the missed chance. Pure lunacy is still pure.

Take my regards, my blessings, and my thanksótake them into the night with you; onto the road with you; out to the world with you.

Be gone, my friend.

And when you return, be more.

posted 3/07/08


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