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Something's In The Air by Ray Printer Friendly

Itís already time for another Photoshop project. This time, itís logos. Weíre still in the beginning stages, where we have to come up with four separate ideas. I showed mine to my princess, and she really liked one in particular, so I decided to quick make it to impress her with my marginal mad skills.

I also did it in red, because itís the color of love:

Also, I just noticed that the "C" looks like a "P." Pubic zirconia. Awesome. Yeah, ladies, Iíll romantic your ass off.

posted 3/06/08

Entered By Diane From NH
2008-03-11 21:28:19

Hm. I think your font change was for that VERY REASON. Clever. Sneaky. "...What?!?! That C looks like a P? I don't see that at all. It's a "C", honest!"

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