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This Again by Ray Printer Friendly

All right, I posted a few more sound clips you can listen to if you want. It’s rik and I again, but it’s different from the previous sessions I’ve posted. I got a little feedback last time, and although it was mentioned that there were parts that were funny, it was also mentioned that the funny moments were few and far between—mostly it was just listening to two drunks ramble on.

The constructive criticism ranged from “Too long,” to “It’s the audio equivalent of a train wreck.” The long thing was kind of on purpose—we had originally hoped that people would download this crap to listen on their mp3 players. We quickly found out that this wasn’t the case. People wanted something they could listen to while sitting at their computers, and they wanted it funny.

So what I did this time was go through and pick out select sections of our latest session. On one hand, this is cool, because I was able to keep everything in quick little clips that don’t usually last more than thirty seconds. On the other hand, it sucked, because I had to listen to our stupid asses over and over and over again. Another downside is that while before, I could claim ignorance about the lack of humor (“I didn’t get a chance to listen to the entire thing—I just figured since it was funny last night, it’d be all right today.”), I’m completely responsible for these clips.

I hand-picked them from whatever conversation we were carrying on, tried to clean up any clicks or quick cut-offs, and posted them with care. From my mouth to your ears with love. Dirty, dirty love.

The language is foul, as I’m sure you probably could’ve figured out yourself, and the content is a little unsettling. Also, I haven’t quite figured out how I want to post all this stuff yet, which means that I’ll probably be adding some each day or something. It also means that you can click on the player below for a sample, and then if you think it’s worth your time, you can click this link to go to the page with a bunch of ‘em.

posted 2/24/08

Entered By CM From Unknown
2008-02-25 21:17:23

As I have told you once before, you still don\'t sound like i thought you would.

Entered By Ray From Austin
2008-02-25 21:44:44

The first time I heard Stephen King read his own work, I almost had to turn it off. His voice is nothing the way I thought it should be, considering his material. I think that writers should be read, not heard. Unfortunately, I almost never shut up. In closing, sorry everybody about my voice.

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