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Stopping In To Say Hello by Ray Printer Friendly

Hey kids, sorry to leave you so long with that last post about animals having sex. Iíve been extremely busy doing stupid homework for stupid school. For some reason, the four-week mark is when everyone decides to give tests and make big projects due.

Earlier today, I completed all of my algebra homework, and since I was doing a shitpile of math, anyways, I decided to figure out how many hours I put into it. Sixteen hours. Sixteen hours in three days spent doing algebra. When I think about that, it makes me question humanity. Sure, we have running water and electricity. We have processed sugar and diets to help us once weíve eaten way too much processed sugar. We have canned food and butane lighters.

But I just spent sixteen hours of my life doing algebra. That makes my soul sad and afraid.

Anyway, I also spent a bunch of time doing web design and digital imaging (working with Photoshop). The web page stuff isnít worth showing at the moment, but hereís my project for digital imaging.

Itís not great, but I think itís all right, considering I just got Photoshop installed on Friday evening.

We were supposed to find a series of images that all shared a common theme, and then make a character out of them. I picked keys, because I thought they looked cool. And then, because Iím clever as hell, I decided to make a Mon-Key. Get it?

Anyway, because he was all metal, and because Iím me, it ended up being a robot monkey. I pitched the idea of a robot ninja monkey, but the instructor wouldnít go for it. Probably for the best, as that would have overdosed everyone who saw it with awesomeness.

Anyway, Iím outta hereóI have to get some stinkiní sleep before class tomorrow. Oh, waitÖI guess before class today. Dammit.

posted 2/12/08

Entered By Karen From Indiana
2008-02-12 17:29:41

I think the break after that last post was worthwhile. (laugh) As for the image - nice job! I don\'t really know what that ear-looking thing is; apparently maybe an old key? Anyway, yeah, good job.

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