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Not You by Ray Printer Friendly

Tickle me on my spider-web sanity;

Listen and laugh at my hopes and dreams,

And my march through the mountains

That you deem fruitless.

Your compassion is unjustified and resented:

You are the one to be pitied!

What I lack in character,

I make up for in shadow and in essence.

Donít try to touch my heartstrings,

For they are sharp and angry,

And your hope that I will be like you

Is wasted.

I love you, but I am not you,

And your condescension

Will never change me.

What if money isnít everything?

You canít respect what I am

Just as I canít respect

What you aspire to be.

Deadlocked in bullshit.

I would waste a thousand lives

Before Iíd resort to yours.

The darkness smiles

At one of us.

posted 1/22/08


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