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Ray Reads A Story by Ray Printer Friendly

I recently mentioned that my princess read through my new book, checking for mistakes. There was one story she didn’t read, though. It’s the one called Drinking Problem.

She didn’t like it. “It’s just…well, it’s boring,” she told me. “You just say the same thing over and over.”

“You have to read it to the end for it to make sense.”

“Was the guy in Hell?”

“Um…yeah, I guess that was kind of the thing.”

“Yeah, I didn’t need to read it to the end to figure that out.”


“I like everything else, though—I just couldn’t get through that one.”

I couldn’t fault her, and I appreciated that she lied to me about liking all the other stories, but it still left me holding the ball with proofing the story.

I was up at three in the morning the other day, because my sleep schedule is completely wonky these days, and since there wasn’t much else going on, I decided to go ahead and proof-read the story myself, so that I could get the corrections made.

I decided I should read it out loud, and since I was doing that anyway, I decided to record it. And since I already had it recorded, I figured I might as well post it up for you listen to. Which you can do here, if you want.

It’s not super-cool, but if you’re up late at night, all by yourself, it’s kind of a creepy listen. Or maybe that was just me.

posted 1/10/08

Entered By Karen Demerly From Indiana
2008-01-10 20:02:39

So your better half didn't really like it, was honest with you and told you, and you proceeded to keep it AND then also podcast it. Is that right?

Entered By Ray From Austin
2008-01-11 03:21:16

You make it sound so hateful. It's not like I'm playing the mp3 over and over in the bedroom while she's trying to sleep. She really didn't care one way or another what was in the book, she just didn't want to read that particular story. Plus, I already had everything set up (page numbering, table of contents, blank filler pages), and I didn't want to reformat everything, because it's a major bitch to get everything looking right. Plus, the readers of this site seemed to like it, and since they're more likely to buy the book than my princess, it's just good business sense. Wow, it does sound pretty hateful, doesn't it?

Entered By Karen Demerly From Indiana
2008-01-11 03:41:02

I didn't think it was hateful, I just found it humorous that you'd share how she didn't like it, and then still include it in the book (okay, I get the everything set up part) but then also record it, and send us off to listen to it. "Hey, some folks can't stand this story. Here, I've made an audio recording!" I'm gonna' play it safe and stick with your princess' review. Let me know if she listens to it (NOT over and over while she's trying to sleep), and decides it's a good listen.

Entered By Ray From Austin
2008-01-11 05:15:41

"Hey, some folks can't stand this story." Karen, this is pretty much every story I've ever written. But rest assured, every story in this book was picked because I got emails about people liking it. Except for the last one, which I picked because I personally enjoyed it.

Entered By Karen Demerly From Indiana
2008-01-11 14:14:47

(laugh) You don't really have to defend your book, I was just finding humor. I am certain the book rocks. :-)

Entered By Ray From Austin
2008-01-11 14:29:15

Oh, it's too late for that. Way to make me insecure. Stinkin' trouble-maker.

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