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An Old One I Never Posted by Trey Printer Friendly

The point where before and after part ways.

So mundane.

When she steps away.

When you turn away.

When the dotted line is signed.

When the call goes unanswered.

When “I Love You” goes unanswered.

Years pile on years.

Effort piles on effort.

Life, love, turmoil stack so deep there is no room to breath.

Finally, there is the moment.

The moment, so small, so mundane, so fleeting.

The moment which separates before from after.

The moment when it all changes.

It should be explosions and death and destruction, and the pillars of heaven shaking.

Instead, it is a whimper.

An unreturned glance.

A frown where there should have been a smile.

An uncomfortable clasp as one person leaves and one person stays.

That is before and after.

That is when life crumbles.

That is the shattering event that only two people notice.


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