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Thanksgiving Eve by Ray Printer Friendly

Traditionally, I spend the night before Thanksgiving writing about how Iím going to be elbow-deep in turkey ass before long. This year, however, we decided to just buy the breast instead of the entire turkey, so there will be none of that.

Iím usually up late the night before, drinking heavily while making the final preparations for Thanksgiving dinner. This year, it looks like everything will be good to start tomorrow, so thereís no reason to stay up late. And because my prescription is heavily laced with acetaminophen, thereís no heavy drinking, either.

My mom arrived this evening, and we went out to eat, then picked up some produce from the supermarket (yeah, I said supermarketóIím not sure if people still say that, but if they donít, Iím totally bringing it backÖif they do, Iím going to be one of them from now on). Not a terribly interesting night, honestly.

Which means thereís not a lot to say, really, except for I hope you all have a nice holiday.

posted 11/22/07


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