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Take Advantage Of Me! by Ray Printer Friendly

I had a few minutes to kill before heading out to my Algebra class, so I figured I’d just write a quick little something, in honor of the Writer’s Guild strike thing. Frankly, I just wanted to put the word out there that I will totally step up to the plate while these jackasses walk around in the cold with their little signs. Seriously. They’re fighting over internet and DVD rights and all that shit. I don’t even need dental coverage.

I have a back that will possibly be fucked up for the rest of my life. I did that myself, working in a warehouse, for seven bucks an hour. Intellectual property rights are important, don’t get me wrong. But if anybody needs a writer for cheap while this crap is going down, let me know. I’ll destroy myself for you. For cheap.

p.s. I know this doesn’t count as a real post. Hopefully I have something worth reading posted either tonight or tomorrow.

posted 11/05/07

Entered By Karen Demerly From Indiana
2007-11-06 15:52:00

I'm not in the business, but I can see where the writers are coming from, and it doesn't sound all that outrageous to even me, a layperson. Why shouldn't they be getting paid residuals? *shrug*

Entered By Ray From Austin
2007-11-06 19:19:42

Yeah, you're absolutely right. In the longer version of this post, I actually defended them a bit, but I seemed too preachy, so I just cut it out. Probably says something about me that I'd rather appear to be an ignorant dickhead than preachy.

Entered By Karen Demerly From Indiana
2007-11-06 23:57:23

Ah, well, I'd say you chose the lesser of the two evils. (I actually had to pause, and weigh each one in my mind, in order to decide which was worse. haha) Ignorant dickhead won. Good call on your part. :-)

Entered By Dave Riley From Unknown
2007-11-07 05:54:40

Ignorant dickhead always trumps preachy.

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