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Let The Holiday Season Begin by Ray Printer Friendly

Iíll be honest with youóIím putting a lot of pressure on November this year. October ended up being mind bogglingly disappointing, so Iím expecting November to turn the year around for me, pick up the slack. Here are the things it has going for it at the moment:

1) Time change. This usually happens in October, but that poor month was deprived by the rat-bastard lawmakers who are personally out to get me with their bullshit daylight savings time. We had to put up with that nonsense for an extra long time this year, and I blame most of my problems on the fact.

2) Thanksgiving. I love to eat. Plus, after working in retail long enough to have suffered through several ďBlack Friday Sales,Ē I can fully appreciate a holiday that is all about giving thanks. Itís incredible to spend the day after Thanksgiving sitting around stuffing myself with leftovers, as opposed to waking up at four in the freaking morning and going to work for twelve hours, dealing with asshole customers.

3) My anniversary. Yep, this month, Iíll be celebrating the fact that not only did I manage to somehow trick my princess into marrying me, but I was able to convince her that it was a good idea for an entire year.

Dates to pay attention to this month: The 4th. This is when daylight savings time ends. Unfortunately, it will be back next year. The 6th. Election day. Iím pretty sure Iím registered to vote this year, but honestly, I have no idea what it is I should be voting about. The 11th. Veterans day. The 22nd. Thanksgiving. Hooray for cannibalism! Donít know what got into me there. I meant carnivorousness. My bad.

As far as The Strangelands goes? Iíve got a couple of stories that I was hoping to get posted in time for Halloween, but didnítówhich means that youíll get a horror story or two during Thanksgiving month. Also, my momís supposed to be coming for the holiday, so thereíll probably be a post about me with my hand up a birdís ass. Hopefully it will just be a frozen turkey, but you never can tell with me.

And I think thatís about it. Welcome to a new month, Strangelanders. Iím glad youíre here.

posted 11/01/07

Entered By Karen Demerly From Indiana
2007-11-02 17:34:04

Here's to November turning the year around for you, Ray. I'm sure November's capable (and hopefully willing). Happy Anniversary, Thanksgiving, and end of daylight saving time (where, like an idiot, my state decided it'd be a good idea to hop on the bandwagon after all this time, and start observing. *sigh*)

Entered By Jesse From Austin
2007-11-03 21:29:09

That's a good start, I'd think, getting a whole month to turn around for you willingly. Here's to turkey, turning the clock back, and November looking back at us all with a wink and a smile.

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