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Horror Films, Gremlins, and Email by Trey Printer Friendly

It's friday which means I'm slacking at work more than usual.

As food for thought, here is the condensed version of a discussion I've been having with a friend:

Trey's 10 Best Horror Films Ever:

First String:

The Shining


The Hills Have Eyes (remake)

The Ring (American Version)

Night of the Living Dead

Second String:

The Omen

The Thing



The Sixth Sense

Runners Up:

Invasion of the Body Snatchers


Nightmare on Elm Street

The Others

In the Mouth of Madness


Prince of Darkness


Flatliners (still surprisingly fresh)

Event Horizon

Jacobís Ladder

28 Days Later

I donít count some films as horror which others might.

i.e. Jaws, Silence of the Lambs, etcÖ

Now, my friend Jacob is a bigger movie buff than even me. Here is his response.

Does lost boys count? Ninth gate?

Oh god the ring? Sixth sense? Are you mad? I never understand why you liked event horizon. That had potential for like 20 minutes and really devolved into crap. Sam neal as the scary demon man. Come on. I couldnít even accept his as a Russian in red October. And I really hope you're talking about the 70s version of the invasion. That was the first remake. Cause the 50s one is crap. I kind of like Donald Sutherland in the 70s one though. And I donít think hellraiser holds up. Props for candyman though. Didnít think you were a fan. Donít rent the sequels. Even I hate them.

Top 10:

Obviously the shining

The descent (this is the most unsettled ive been in a long fucking time)

Original texas chainsaw massacre

Night of the living dead

Candyman (the philip glass score really adds a lot of class to this)

In the mouth of madness

The thing

Exorcist (I like the religious tie ins)

28 days later (minus the ending)

Hills have eyes remake

Carpenter has 2 in my list. Weird. Im sure im forgetting some. Theres plenty that are just fun though. Maybe just for me:

Creeepshow 1 and 2

Dawn of the dead

Nightmare 1, 3, and 7

The brood (have you seen this? Old cronenberg. Mutant children in little raincoats. Also has a woman with an external uterus. She eats a fetus at one point. Greatness!!!)

Demon knight

Halloween 2 and 3

Friday the 13th 4

Coppollas Dracula

House of 1000 corpses

Prince of darkness

I know I have lower standards for this sort of thing.

Any reader opinions out there?

As an added bonus,

Trey Says:


Kinda liking this. Somebody hopped up a Gremlin. Stuck a big engine in it.

non margin-raping link

As a kid I remember seeing one for sale with an Iroc-Z engine in it. Was probably spooky fast up until it started flipping end over end down the road.

Jacob Says:

Yeah I mean you can put a v8 on your wagon if you want, but at some point you have to be sure youíve got stability to control that shit.

There's that Darwin award story of the dude with a jet engine on his car.

Maybe its true maybe its not but I think the principle is the same.

That being said, do you really like gremlins?

It aint exactly the Pussy Wagon I think you should be after.

Now a Delorean. There's a car that says something.


non margin-raping link

better start saving your quarters.

There it is kids. A Delorean says something. Start saving your quarters.

Entered By Ray From Austin
2007-09-15 00:32:24

I hated The Shining. Not that it wasn't a good horror flick, but I just flat-out hated it. I agree with the rest of your picks, I guess (except Hills Have Eyes--I never saw that one). I gotta go with Jacob on In The Mouth Of Madness and 28 Days. I know I'll catch shit here (but what the hell, I already said I didn't like The Shining), but I wasn't a big fan of the original Night of the Living Dead, either.
I can't really add anything else, because it looks like ya'll have covered your bases rather well. Speaking of movies, though, I used my recent bout of illness to watch the entire Firefly series, as well as Serenity (the follow-up movie). I thought it was pretty great, and recommend it.

Entered By Addie From Milwaukee
2007-09-15 02:15:15

I hate to break it to ya but, speaking as a woman, neither a DeLorean nor a Gremlin says anything I want to be hearing. The one lacks a certain level of testosterone-ness, and the other one's nothing but tacky machismo wrapped in steel. Where's the happy medium??
And while I can't deal with horror movies (my vivid imagination works those images right into my dreams, and then holds them hostage there), I DO love Firefly and Serenity - great stories, and well crafted characters. I wanna be a western-style courtesan-aut when I grow up. :)

Entered By Dave Riley From Squaresville, baby
2007-09-15 22:19:20

Jacobís Ladder a "horror" movie? Shouldn't that be filed along with Jaws (which sucked, by the way), Silence of the Lambs, etc?

Entered By Leslie From Texas
2007-09-16 01:15:53

Ironically, I'm trying NOT to watch Vacancy (with Luke Wilson and Kate Beckinsale) right now. My beloved husband thought it would be a good flick to watch together!? I'm a big chicken and can't stand the suspense though, hence the NOT watching, the distraction of the laptop and the visit to Strangelands. Since I'm barely watching I can't offer any kind of review. It must be a little scary though since my significant other keeps offering harried advice to the TV characters. It's not considered great in my eyes, however, until he screams like a girl. Glad you enjoyed Firefly and Serenity, Ray. I take full credit for the exposure to Joss Whedon. Now if only you'd give "Buffy" a try.:)

Entered By Ray From Austin
2007-09-16 23:42:17

I got Jacob's Ladder and Jakob the Liar mixed up. I was very confused for a minute there.

Entered By Jacob From God Only Knows
2007-09-18 13:41:08

My original email to Trey included a lovely picture from The Brood of Samantha Eggar about to chomp down on said fetus. I'm saddened by its omission in this recap.

Entered By Ray From Austin
2007-09-18 21:32:39

Jacob, I was going to link to a picture of said fetus feast because I didn't want Trey ruining your good time. Then I saw it and got really grossed out, so didn't.

Entered By Diane From NH
2007-10-01 23:32:29

um...Trey, I'm trying to read some of the September stuff and when I click on a story I get this crazy ELIMINATE GUEST SPAM! message and it sucks me in and won't let me out. No back-arrow, no forward-arrow, gotta go back to my favorites and start over. Just thought you'd like to know. Cuz you're the tech-guy in this circus, right? Hey, have a nice day.

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