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The Podcasts Are Coming by Ray Printer Friendly

Iíve been kicking around the idea of some sort of Strangelands audio version for a while now, but I wasnít really sure how to do it. At one point, I thought about reading some of my short stories, but come to find out, itís hard as shit to read straight through a story without ever making a mistake, and to say that my editing skills need some work is like saying I could stand to lose a little weight.

A while back, rik and I tried to do an audio version of my short story Happy Birthday, and by the time we finished recording, we were really proud of ourselves. We were also pretty tanked, if lack of memory serves correctly. Listening to it the next day, I realized we had been a little too hasty with our pride. I sent it to rik for review, and it was quickly scrapped.

Iíve been bugging her about getting off her ass and getting a headset/microphone for her computer so we could experiment and see if the idea of a Strangelands audio project was even feasible. I mentioned this to Trey, and he told me to give him her address and a link for a headset. ďIf thatís all thatís standing in the way of The Strangelands having a podcast, Iíll just buy her one.Ē

Of course, I didnít have her address, nor a link. I had a Circuit City down the street, though, so I went in and slow-talked my way through the process of buying something to be picked up at a different store. It was creepy, because although I havenít worked there in like two years, I still knew more than the mouth-breathing mongoloid I dealt with at the customer service desk.

We finally got it set up so that rik could go to the store in her town and pick up a headset. Which she did, so that was cool. In fact, we got her headset hooked up, we got the necessary software downloaded onto her computer, and we even managed to drink our way through our first podcast.

I have to listen to it all the way through before I post it, which is kind of a task, because the first part is 47 minutes. The good news is, even sober, itís reasonably entertaining. The bad news is, I donít think Iím going to post the second part, because we went a little overboard on the vulgarity and crudeness (which is saying a lot, because if you listen to the first part, youíll discover that thereís more than enough vulgarity and crudeness to go around).

So Iím hoping to get that up sometime this week, but Iím wondering if I should break it down into smaller parts or just throw the whole damn thing up. If you have an opinion, feel free to email me: ray at thestrangelands.com, or leave a comment.

You can also voice your thoughts about whether or not this is the kind of thing you, as a Strangelander, are interested in. Or you can just sit there silently and put your head down.

In sadder news, school starts tomorrow. Iím going to be attending full-time, and because my jackhole boss didnít hire anyone like he said he was going to, Iíll also be working around 36 hours a week, as well as going to class all day on Monday, Wednesday, and then a half-day on Saturday. Point being, itís going to be a mad bastard trying to find time to write. Which means the only new posts from me will be pictures of my penis. Dressed in a clown suit. And juggling.

posted 8/27/07


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