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Somewhere Else by Ray Printer Friendly

Life has seriously been getting in the way of things, as far as writing goes. Nothing important enough to talk about, nothing interesting enough to read about, but enough to keep me from posting.

If youíre looking for something good to read, I suggest The Shape of Days. The writer is a guy named Jeff Harrell, and although his blog is pretty interesting, what captured my interest enough to keep me coming back for more was his fiction. It really is incredible. If you have a minute, you should really jump on over there and read a short story or two.

If you have even more than a minute, you should read some of his blog stuff, too. It takes quite a bit for me to recommend reading the daily thoughts of others. Although I havenít read everything the guy has written, the things that I have read are really interesting. If you need an example, hereís a link to his entry about having a borderline disorder. Maybe Iím just too easy to impress, but I found it really fascinating.

So, yeah, check it out. Hopefully Iíll actually have something for you to read around here pretty soon. Have a good weekend, kids.

posted 8/18/07


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