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Softness by Jesse Printer Friendly

She had a voice like honey

and eyes like amber fire

and she served her breakfast

at Chick-Fil-A.

One smiled without retreat

and cut deep into the other

and too soon the spell was broken

the lady had to pull away.

What ties us one to one?

What force is there between us?

How quickly pulsing seconds

can pull us round again.

So the two could meet

the evening slowly came

and wine formed cherry bonds

at each their blushing cheeks.

To talk so close was diamonds

touching like friends touch

feeling like friends cannot

and their perfumes mingled breathlessly.

They sat until they were bid to leave

the door shut by a curious smile

and since neither could bear let go

they held hands.

Walking, laughing softly

warmed against the night

and upon the stoop a slow embrace

stopping breath and pounding hearts.

Softness has its way

of feeling more real at times

and curves in the dark and quiet

to wrap around a sigh.

Stillness has a certainty

a sleepy, supple something sweet

a thickness in the air that drifts

and lingers on the lips.


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