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Answer, Mother FĶĘ#eģ by Ray Printer Friendly

Disclaimer: I wrote this story a while back and then lost it. It should in no way be compared and/or contrasted to any recent Strangelands posts by anyone, nor should it be compared/contrasted with any Strangelands non-posts. Meaning: I wrote this to write it, quite some time ago. It should not be interpreted as commentary in any way, shape, or form. Meaning: This ainít about your shit, no matter who you are.

Look I wish you wouldnít do it. Iíve tried to tell you, but you wonít listen. You two broke up, youíve been a total wreck, youíve been getting better, and if you do thisÖYou know what, though? Do whatever you want, I donít care. Just be sure you can deal with whatever weird repercussions come with it.


Dude, good job on showing resolve. Seriously, manóway to show her that you mean business this time. I know itís rough, buddy, so I think we should go out tonight, you know what Iím sayiní? Get a few brews in ya, get a few ladies around ya, see what happens, right?! Hell yeah, bro!


Man, I know youíre dodging my calls, and it needs to stop. You miss her, thatís perfectly natural. But itís time to move on. Adapt and survive, baby! Like, Darwinism or something, right? Iíll be over, man, and you better open the door this timeólast weekend, I stood out there knocking for like an hour.


Alright, man, this is getting ridiculous. I show up at your place, the lights are all off, your carís gone. Where you spendiní your time at, huh? I know you, manóprobably sitting in your car somewhere, listening to sad music, crying into a beer. Dude! Time to get back in the game. Iím coming over, bro. You better be there, and you better open the door.


My mother? You been fucking my mom? Iím showing up at your house with a shotgun and a jug of gasoline, okay? Answer or donít, Iím burning that shit down! I'm'a kill you, man. I thought we were friends.


posted 8/12/07

Entered By Jesse From Syracuse, NY
2007-08-13 02:23:31

Is she asking about me again?

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