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I Belong To The Night by Ray Printer Friendly

You may have noticed that my posting has waned over the past few days. The reason for this is because Iíve been out fighting crime, as opposed to sitting around, typing and surfing the internet. Yep, thatís what Iíve been doing.

JustÖfighting the shit out of crime.

Itís not easy, what with all the, um, super-villains and fire-breathing robots and such, but Iím naturally gifted, I guess, because Iím really good at it. Iíve won, like, three medals, and some keys to the city. Stuff like that. A pimp tried to give me one of his ďbitches.Ē I didnít feel that would be right for a crime fighter (a married one, at that), so I asked for a gift cardónever too early for Christmas shopping, right?

I know, I know, itís hard to believe. I mean, you probably think itís more likely that Iíve just been working long-ass days in the Austin heat or something, huh? Like, just coming home and going to bed because Iím a fat, lazy bastard? Or maybe you think a better explanation would be that I just havenít thought up anything to write about lately? Or a combination of both: Iím a fat, lazy, tired bastard who canít think up anything good to write, so he just comes home from work and goes to bed early?

Not the case, my friends. It was that first thing. That crime fighting. Thatís what Iíve been doing.


posted 8/11/07

Entered By Jesse From Syracuse, NY
2007-08-13 02:17:30

That goes in my new "needs to be a t-shirt" list. Fighting the shit out of crime. Needs an illustration though.

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