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Cheap gas by rik Printer Friendly

OK, so in the spirit adding some variety to The Strangelands, I thought I would throw something out here as well. I actually started writing something else that I thought I would post--something freshly composed for the site, but I can't seem to find the motivation to finish it. I wrote this a while back, but I figure it will get the job done.

Cheap gas

I read something by Vonnegut once saying

he never intended to live to see

when the most powerful men

in the country

would be named Bush, Dick and Colin.

And it brought to mind things stolen

and the hole in

the ozone

and all the wrongs in

the country,

but there's a bright side: it's that we

have cheap gas now,

at least that's what I heard someone say.

Cheap gas? But it's still over two bucks a gallon.

When did that become acceptable?



I remember when a buck eighty-nine was high

and we would fly

off the handle at even the thought

of shelling out that much at the corner Shell pump.

But prices went up, and nobody told my income

to do the same.

Prices went up, and soldiers went over.

Where? To seek revenge in Afghanistan

against those who attacked our land?



To Iraq.

To Iraq? Why?

Why are you asking me?

Can't you see

that my middle name starts with a G,

not a W?

Oh, if only you

could make him give us a true answer.

And you? If you saw him what would you say?

Why, I would cry out to him:

Georgie, Georgie, puddin' pie

Took an oath, but told a lie

He sends our guns all out to play

And asks, "Who's next on the list today?"

Entered By Ray From Austin
2007-08-09 04:38:59

Politipoetry. Fuckin' rik.

Entered By rik From Unknown
2007-08-09 04:48:40

bless you

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