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I recently bought this movie on Ebay. Actually it was a set of moviesónine movies on three discs, I got it for fifty-five cents, plus a couple bucks for shipping. Theyíre just old goofy zombie flicks, a bunch of riding-the-popularity-wave knock-offs from around the time that Romero came out with Night of the Living Dead.

My princess bought a movie called Maxed Out. Itís a documentary about credit card laws, credit card companies, and the impact of credit on the American people.

Between her movie and my mine, guess which is more terrifying. Iíll give you a hintózombies got nothiní on credit card companies when it comes to evil. Iím not generally into shit like this, but I would recommend this movie to anyone and everyone.

Itís horribly depressing on several levels, and itís awful to watch at times, but itís incredibly informative. Like I saidóthis isnít the kind of thing I would normally watch. I donít like documentaries, and I donít like talking about or listening to conversations about money, percentages, APRís or any of that.

But Maxed Out is something you should watch. Just make sure you have something fun lined up afterwards, because it really is a creepy, sad flick. The shit that happens, itís just really unbelievable.

The movie doesnít get down and dirty with rules and regulations, it just sort of shows an across-the-board picture of how people get taken advantage of on different levels, and how debt in America is already a major problem. My description does it absolutely no justice, but if I attempted to accurately describe it, I would just detract from it. Just go rent it.

Itís an indie flick, so it might be hard to find. Our local Blockbuster only had four copies in stock, and they were all rented out. Neither Target nor Circuit City even carried it, and Best Buy had it for twenty-four bucks. Fortunately, one of the girls at Best Buy was willing to price match an online price, so we got it for sixteen.

It was worth it.

posted 6/12/07

Entered By Anonymous From Unknown
2007-06-13 23:40:11

I saw this movie, I thought it was good. Your warning about how depressing it is could be underlined and in bold print. Nothing to watch with a full bottle of pills or a loaded gun around, it is definitely not for the faint of heart. And yet I sense you don't believe me. Watch it for yourself but remember you've been warned.

Entered By Trey From NYC
2007-06-14 01:25:52

My rant about credit card companies is right here.

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