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The Hit by Ray Printer Friendly



“I know this is silly, considering, but…”


“I always thought there would be music.”


“Yeah. A soundtrack that makes it seem more important, kind of, you know?”

“Are you serious?”

“I have my mp3 player right here. Just give me a second, okay?”

“You’re putting on a song for this?”

“I just…what’s more montumental, you know?”

“Hurry up.”



“I can’t remember the artist.”

“You don’t have it by genre?”

“It’s…I don’t know what genre. Dammit, I can’t remember what the title of the song is,”

“That scroll wheel, that’s pretty nice.”

“Yeah. What’s yours?”

“You gotta click it every time. No scroll.”

“Messed up.”

“It’s okay, unless you’re looking for a particular song.”

“That’d bug me, no scroll wheel.”

“You get used to it. You find that song or what?”

“I’m looking. Here it i—no, that’s not it. I just don’t…I swear, I saw this song yesterday. My playlist is set to random, I had to skip over this song like 20 times.”

“I don’t have all day.”

“No, I know…sorry. Okay, here it…nope, that’s not, either.”

“Holy shit, man, come on.”

“Sorry, sorry. I almost have it…just…okay, here it is.”

“That’s the one you want?”

“Yeah, this is it.”

“Okay. Put your earphones in, give me the thumbs up.”

“All right. Hey, thanks for being so understanding about this.”

“No sweat.”

“No, really, I know it must suck to be the guy th—“



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