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Hello, All. The job I have right now is through a small temp agency. It's a woman-owned business...says so right on their business card, crazy government tax break for that I bet... and the owner is nice enough. The other people that work there are pretty much douches. Somebody had better tell her.

Hello, Debra. How's things?

Everything is going quite well with me over at SAIC. However, I stopped in your office late today to pick up some more timesheets and the guy wouldn't give me very many. He told me they're "very expensive. Like 50 cents a piece." Which is a lot, sure, (nearly one-quarter of one percent of the revenue I generate for you each week), but seeing as it was the business's chosen medium for hour-reporting, you can't really hold it against me for asking for them. And it's not like I can send you my hours on a cocktail napkin.

I figure it's in everyone's interests that I don't show up down there every week, begging for more pay slips, wasting my gas and your time. If there's some other preferred way you'd like to go about this process, do tell, and I shall be happy to oblige. If not, please, I'd rather not be hassled about following the rules.

Entered By Ray From Austin
2007-05-19 08:05:58

The new system standard is carving your time on a pig carcass. Try it--your employers will admire you for being on the cutting edge of technology.

Entered By Jesse From League City
2007-05-24 01:14:31

Repork card?

Entered By Ray From Austin
2007-05-25 03:40:26

Were you always so clever, or has being beat down by the world brought it out? (No sarcasm, by the way--although I thought it was a terrible pun at first, I slowly came to realize that it was genius.)

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