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City: Remembered by Ray Printer Friendly


I remember pacing small grocery store aisles

On a Sunday evening, dreading Monday out of habit.

A Two-block walk to Dunkin’ Donuts and happiness,

But NO coffee pot at home.

Anything I wanted was in reach,

But I couldn’t reach any of it.

So many people and still so alone;

Never un-witnessed, but never witnessed.

Marveling at the sky,

When I could see it.

Marveling at the rest

When I couldn’t.

Childish sheets and

Cardboard furniture

And never feeling like

Less of a child.

New packs of cigarettes,

New bottles of booze,

But always the same


Camp chairs and sunsets,

Camp chairs and sunrises

Camp chairs and discoveries,

Camp chairs and friends.

I remember:

Smells beyond description:

Mind-blowingly good

And stomach turningly bad.

Name That Smell: Food, Feet, or Fun!

Drunk in a cab, (okay)

Hung over on the train, (terrible)

Sober at work, (terrible)

Drunk at home. (necessary to forget about the other three)

Random screams in the night,

Video games on a TV on a chair,

Heavy footsteps coming up the stairs,

More rum?

And I remember the moon,

Shining in at me

Through the window,

Probably smiling for me.

posted 4/14/07


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