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You’re Going to Kick Yourself For Not Having My Job! (Continued) by Emily Kattan Printer Friendly

As you know I’m in charge of a Skank Search at my work and we had to disqualify one of the girls; well actually she withdrew herself. Here’s the story:

I get a call from Shayna asking if she can replace her pictures that are in the calendar search and I explained to her she can email them to me and I’ll try to change them but I’m not making any promises. “We’re a little busy and the web guy is overwhelmed with work right now.” I said. Thirty minutes later the web guy comes up to me and says a girl emailed him because she wanted to change her pictures and he did it for her. I explained, “She just called and I said I’ll try to do this. You don’t want to open this door than the rest of the girls will want to change their pictures.” “It’s ok,” said the web guy “No big deal.” He did not realize that I already had a long list of girls that wanted to change their pictures so I prepared them for upload and gave the web guy the list. “Oh F**ck!” he yelped.

Next Day:

I get a call from Shayna, who has no idea I’m the Event Manager/Photographer of the Skank Search, complaining rudely for 30 minutes about how there is cheating going on and how the “ugly girls” are rated higher than her. I explained, “They must have got all their friends and family to vote for them.” What about the out of state girls?” she bitches. “The calendar is open to anyone is the US.” I explained. “Well I don’t understand why the ugly girls are rated higher!” Shayna complains.

Next Day:

Web guy informs me that there was cheating going on and “guess from whom? Shayna!” he explains. So we sent her an email saying that we have noticed that there was cheating going on with her votes and if this continues that she will be disqualified. For the first time my signature indicates that I’m the Event Manager/Photographer and off the email went. We get an email back within an hour that she wants to withdraw from the search.


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