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Some Thought by Jesse Printer Friendly

My life kinda feels like a trainride. Everywhere I go, I feel a little cramped, and the people I meet - well, you talk, y'know, but you don't expect them to hang around for long. Even the people that share your car turn back to their book or headphones or travelling partners before too long; They step out of my life as quickly as they step in, and I'm left alone again, staring at my knees or wondering if anyone ever uses that foot rest thing. Probably one asshole demanded it be there at conception and now it merely serves as a precaution that no one have ample leg room.

So it's pretty shitty that life feels like that - finding things to do to pass the time until you get somewhere. Cause that train has no destination. It's just going to totter along, sometimes passing new scenery, until the whole fuckin thing tops over. That's 'death' in the metaphor. The train topples over. And probably explodes. Good movie-style ending.


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