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3 Years by Trey Printer Friendly

3 Years and counting. Who’d a’thunk it. Happy Birthday to all us freaks and geeks who call this low rent corner of the internet home.

Mister Roger’s has his neighborhood, somewhere over near sesame street, where he can ride trolleys and play marbles with Big Bird. He can have it. I like it here on the wrong side of the tracks.

Sure, the roof leaks, the bathtub doesn’t drain, and the rats have a revolving poker game running in the kitchen, but as long as we keep the landlord well lubricated with mad-dog and cheap cigars nobody hassles us. It’s home and we’ll stick as long as you do.

Ray asked me if I wanted to start this issue off, as I usually do with the anniversary issue, but I think we all know that he is the heart of this operation and just the man for job.

Instead of a long winded post, I went ahead and posted a bunch of pictures in the gallery.

Nothing special. I found myself with MLK day off and nothing to do so I hit the city to take some photos with a friend. I was hoping to get them all posted by tonight, but my scanner is slow and the photo processor took a week and a half (b&w is getting harder and harder to process. The two places I used to use are both out of business now.).

I posted the entire roll I finished. It's the good the bad and the ugly, pretty much edit free. For you film geeks, it was shot with a Canon A1 older then I am on Kodak’s oldest remaining film stock, tri-x 400, and scanned in with a six year old fire-sale hp scanner. It’s a hassle, but digital doesn’t do it for me.

If you’re interested, you can see the photos here.

Be here next year, same time, same place. You'll find us still here howling at the moon with a broken bottle of whiskey in one hand and our hope and dreams in the other.

Entered By Ray From Austin
2007-02-03 05:18:29

Thanks for the props as being the heart of things, but whether our loyal readers know it or not, you’re the soul. Three years, man, and if it wasn’t for this website, I would still be writing the same lame-ass shit I was writing when you stumbled into my bedroom with an idea to create this place. Thanks for the inspiration, thanks for the challenge, thanks for the encouragement, and thanks for The Strangelands.

Also, I really dig the photos. Nice to once again see what happens when you’re in charge of an image capturer.

Entered By Molly From Texas USA
2007-02-05 16:57:46

cool pics Trey!

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