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Every now and then an uncooperative computer application forces me to visit a support forum, which bolsters my misanthropy.

I'll post a valid question asked in a clear and thorough manner. Some tub of shit with a screen name like "dragonslayer" will chime in uninvited and snottily question my intelligence, and Iím supposed to be a good sport because a gay-ass smiley face emoticon follows the pompous blather. Then some fuckwit unworthy of life with a cyber-handle like "pot4evr" will ask:

well im a newbie and this qwestion may be stupid lol but here gos i have a mownd of shit and a mownd of apelbutter in front of me and i cant tell the difrence pls help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Of course "dragonslayer" gives "pot4evr" a courteous and detailed response. Such irritating ass-cadets are just begging for a spray of machine gun fire.


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