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Hello dear readers! I must apologize for my MIA status at the wonderful land of the strange this past month. Between an unprecedented amount of traveling, working double shifts, and sheer laziness I have been mute on these pages. But never fear, I am back and in rare form with a new music recommendation.

I had the opportunity to see this artist at a benfit concert in NYC a month ago and I was impressed.

Her name is Nellie McKay (and I am sure some of you already have heard of her, please forgive if you have).

She's a twenty year old German girl (don't worry the lyrics are in English) and she's amazing. It's difficult to describe her sound or style of music because she is quite broad.

The first song her CD may make you think that you've acquired some sort of crazy bluesy jazz artist, but be forewarned. Her range and style includes undertones of Nina Simone crossed with a crazy white girl rapper just singing free style with whatever thoughts pop into her head (you have to love that).

My favorite songs off her CD Get Away From Me are: Change the World and Ding Dong. For those who know me, you'll understand the later pick.

So grab your wallet and head to your nearest store and pick up the CD. I would also recommend the "dirty" version CD versus the edited cleaned up one. Hey, if you're in support for free speach this is the time to show it!

So pick it up, give it a listen and enjoy!


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