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Now that I'm home, I'm going to have to try and stay busy. I haven't done a very good job of it so far, but it does feel pretty good to be here. Maybe not exactly right, but still good. My presence is welcome here, although I'm reserved in its distribution. I spend a lot of time alone, mostly upstairs. Sometimes I'll sit on the porch and play guitar for the dogs. They seem to like my singing, or at least don't feel bad encouraging me. In return, I take them for walks... which double as behavior lessons. I'm no model teacher, but they're faring well as students nonetheless.

I've really taken to playing Texas Hold'Em. There's a club that meets in this area several days a week. I'm still a little ill at ease there - new situation, new etiquette to learn; something I'm always nervous about... It doesn't help much that the bar stools tend to quiver under my weight. That's something I'm pretty sure people don't take into account when envying my stature... The constant apprehension of crushing things. Objects often, and of course children, toddlers in particular. Speedy, but hardly agile and with zero comprehension of the conservation of momentum, these young sprouts turn the everyday trip to the mall into a pop quiz in evasive terrabatics (to present, 0 fatalities). Parents, don't be shy. Talk to your kids about collision kinetics. Or at least don't give me that look when your rugrat gets a mouthful of kneecap.

Entered By Ray From Austin
2006-12-31 05:13:19

Things I liked about this post: 1) "Sometimes I'll sit on the porch and play guitar for the dogs." 2) "evasive terrabatics " 3) "Talk to your kids about collision kinetics."

Entered By Jesse From League City
2007-01-02 01:00:05

Thanks, Ray. Those were my favorites, too.

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