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Can't help but wonder by Jesse Printer Friendly

I wonder things. I wonder about the day, about politics and society, about life and what I'm supposed to do with it... Sometimes I wonder if I've really done anything at all. I wonder if people can ever stop being assholes, locally or worldwide. I wonder how so many people seem to get so much more done in a day than I do. I wonder why if I take the time to write to a congressman, I get a form letter with answers to questions I didn't ask while what I wanted to know is ignored. That makes me wonder, and reassess, how to approach the problem because obviously this system is flawed. I wonder why the squeak never wore out of my Kenneth Coles. I wonder if people are living less as they're living longer, paying more attention to sanitizing their toothbrush at night than to the sun on their shoulders that day.

I wonder what the world would be like if we could still have knights and pirates. I wonder why people shut themselves off from others with headsets and video games when they're lonely and surrounded by people. I wonder why I myself am still nervous to speak first and often caught off guard when conversation is thrown my way. I wonder if the inherent humor in the word "monkey" is part of the reason it was chosen for it's purpose. I wonder if anyone's ever played electric guitar in a rocking chair, cause nothing could rock harder than that.

I wonder if life exists on other worlds, and if so, if anyone there will have enough sense to come and talk to me one day. I wonder if religion will ever get over itself. I wonder if God exists, and if he does if he cares, and if he cares why doesn't he do something about all these lunatics that demand he exists but see that somehow as good reason to cause harm. I wonder if some kid in days long past once might've misheard "olfactory senses" as "old factory senses" and thought maybe that's the feeling you get when you're climbing in a loom to fix a jam and you leap out right before it springs back to life.

I wonder if anyone would buy my dreams if I could record them in video. I wonder if I'll ever see the rainforest. I wonder what life is like on a Reservation, and if a tribe would take me in, show me their ways. I wonder if telepathy is possible. I wonder if the bike I rode as a kid is still cruising around somewhere. I wonder how long it's been since a U.S. president met someone face to face who didn't know who he was. I wonder how awkward it felt explaining that one. I wonder if there are any French trailer parks. I wonder what will become of us.

Entered By Anonymous From Unknown
2006-12-05 14:33:44

Jesse, the many wonders of the world. one that comes to mind that wasn't mentioned is i wonder how in a box of fries there is that one fry that seems to never end. where do you find a potato that big?

Entered By Ray From Austin
2006-12-06 03:38:49

I like the things you wonder.

Entered By sandy From Unknown
2006-12-06 15:53:25

me too

Entered By Addie From WI
2006-12-12 05:45:34

I'm with ya on the fry thing, 'cause that's a baked potato I'd like to tackle. Personally, I wonder just who those idiot people are that answer the radio ads for discount econo-clearance bargain basement lasik surgery. That's not exactly something you clip coupons for...they're your EYEBALLS.

Entered By Ray From Austin
2006-12-14 13:13:57

They replaced a Hollywood Video with a Lasik place in the strip mall down the street. When they first opened, they offered "Buy one, get one free." I'm not kidding. My rule is, if you're considering surgery on a part of your body that involves the words "balls," don't go cheap.

Entered By From
2007-09-29 18:26:00

Entered By juli From Germany
2009-06-15 09:02:04

I wonder why people are searching for freedom but don't realize that they have to risk something for it! why people always talk but barely ever do what they're talking about! I wonder why we let money rule us. I wonder why people have dreams but are too lazy to live them! I wonder why I write this and I wonder if anybody is going to read it! I wonder why I wonder.

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