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Pointless by Ray Printer Friendly

I was in a pretty rotten mood yesterday, and Iím not really sure why. I thought it was because I wasted all kinds of time screwing with my computer, and then I thought it was because I discovered that my Christmas lights didnít work after I hung them up. But although that kind of stuff is pretty annoying, itís not the kind of thing that really throws a guy into a funk, you know?

It could be a combination of all kinds of little shit going on in my life, or it could just be me being a whiny little bitch (thatís where Iíd put my money, by the way). Whatever it was, it got me down. Not suicidal or depressed or anything that excessiveójust sort of angry at everything.

I thought maybe I had found a cure to my anger that night, however. I mean, how can you stay in a bad mood when there are tunes like this in the world? Yeah, you click that link and call me a bad word or two, but you know you were bobbing your head there for a second. Besides, it could have been worseóI could have linked to this one or this one.

In case youíre too young to realize what those links signify, let me explain: The first one leads you to a song by a group named ďMarky Mark and the Funky Bunch.Ē You may know Marky Mark as Mark Walberg. He acts now, instead of singing cheesy songs. The other two links lead to songs by Milli Vanilli. These guys existed in a time where it was a scandal if you didnít sing your own music. There was a big thing about how they were frauds, blah, blah, blah. Iím sure if we would have known back then that things like Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake were going to happen to music, we wouldnít have worried about it so much.

I donít remember where I was going with any of this, and Iíve lost interest (I started reading that Wikipedia page about Milli Vanilli and totally forget what I was talking about), so Iím guessing it wasnít all that great.

I think it had something to do with this song, though, which just kind of pisses me off. The song pisses me off, I mean.

I grew up in a small Texas town, where people would go apeshit if you played this kind of thing. Iím not sure when this particular song came out, and I donít care enough to find out. I donít remember hearing it at any high school dances, but that doesnít mean it wasnít around back then. If it wasnít, you can rest assured that a song just like it was. Where the DJ, thinking he was being all clever, would turn the music way down at a certain part, and all the people (thinking they were being clever) would yell along the punchline, or whatever the main part of a country song is called. In this case, Iím guessing it would be, ďsave a horse, ride a cowboy.Ē

It seems like this was in a movie or something, because itís really haunting me. The thing is, itís kind of a catchy tune, I suppose. It seems like it would be really fun to dress in big baggy jeans and a backwards cap and then play this song while you and your homies beat the shit out of a bunch of cowboys, doesnít it? Or is that just my psychosis talking?

I donít know. The whole thing has kind of put a bad flavor in my mouth. Which is probably what all the pathetic cowgirls say after theyíre finished saving a horse.

And since I donít want to finish with a bad joke about a terrible genre: here.


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