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Cheddar Oaks, MD Jubal Algonquin

Chug Chug, My Love by Jubal Algonquin
Chug chug, my love Chug chug I thirstily drink from the cup of your love And never expel rude gases I'm unde...
April 21, 2011
Mein Fritter Lass Thou! by Jubal Algonquin
Mein fritter lass thou! An angel on loan from Heaven Alluring as dice No craps Not a game of chance But ...
February 10, 2011
My Maid Marion by Jubal Algonquin
What ho! You are the Maid Marion of my days. Your knowing eyes render me in a daze Behold my love ...
November 28, 2010
Four Amusing Quotes by Jubal Algonquin
September 02, 2010